Cookie Clicker Unblocked

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Cookie Clicker unblocked is a simple yet addictive online clicking game. Your goal is to bake as many cookies as possible through clicking and collecting automatic upgrades.

Gameplay Overview

The core gameplay loop in Cookie Clicker Unblocked involves:

  • Clicking the big cookie repeatedly to generate cookies
  • Spending cookies on buildings like cursors, farms, factories, etc.
  • Purchased buildings will automatically generate cookies over time
  • Unlocking new buildings and upgrades as you reach new cookie milestones
  • Prestiging to reset your bakery in exchange for perks

How to Play

  • Tap/click the big cookie as much as possible to earn starting cookies
  • Buy cursors first to automate cookie generation
  • Work up to better buildings like farms, mines, factories
  • Upgrade buildings over time to increase cookie output
  • Keep an eye on achievements and milestones
  • Prestige once cookie production slows down
  • Strategize how to optimize cookie income
  • Repeat process, trying to reach higher cookie totals per second

Clicking for Cookies

The main gameplay involves manually clicking the big cookie to generate one cookie per click. As tedious as this may seem, it quickly adds up!

Expanding Your Bakery

Use the cookies earned through manual clicks to purchase buildings like cursors, farms, factories, and more. Each building will automatically bake additional cookies per second.

Milestones and Upgrades

As you generate more cookies, you’ll hit tiered milestones that unlock new features. Prestige mechanics also allow you to reset progress for perks.

Accessing Unblocked Fun

Visit unblocked gaming sites to play Cookie Clicker unblocked instantly. Enjoy endless baking without limits!

You can download the App here: